CAT Scan

CT Scans are non-invasive X-ray tests that produce cross-sectional imaging of the body.

CT Scans provide a highly-detailed look at many different parts (slices) of the body and are frequently used to evaluate the brain, neck, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and sinuses.  People often have CT scans to further look at an abnormality seen on another test, such as an X-ray, or an ultrasound, or to check for specific symptoms such as pain or dizziness.  People with cancer may have a CT Scan to look for the spread of disease.

The NWH Radiology Department performs 64-slice high-speed CT scans—the fastest, most advanced technology available for producing detailed, three-dimensional images of any organ.  The 64-slice scan is particularly adept at depicting the arteries of the heart.  A scan can show narrowed areas of the blood vessels (stenosis), as well as early stages of disease by distinguishing between hard and soft plaque in the arteries.

This sophisticated technology is also available at our Yorktown Imaging Center :  914.245.5200

All scans are interpreted by White Plains Radiology Associates, PC, the professional radiology group at NWH.  WPRA has 50 board-certified Radiologists on staff with expertise in multiple areas of diagnostic imaging including: nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology, women's imaging, pediatric radiology, neuroradiology, and interventional radiology.